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Paris and Nice ... French will be French

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This Past weekend was our "transition" weekend from good little Luxembourg to Barcelona. We finished class on Wednesday and had to arrive in Barcelona by 8pm Sunday evening so why not travel through france on the way right?. as the Title of this article states, French will be French and our group learned what people mean by that.

First we arrived in paris after a short hour and a half bus ride that seemed luscious with its table that was larger then 12 inches to allow us to play our favorite card game called Ukert! Once arriving in Paris we had the fun of grabbing a taxi and instantly realizing the business of the city. I honestly believe Paris does not have traffic laws because the way the cars moved and turned and honked made no sense and just came to be jiborish to me, people wouldn't walk at the green man but would jog across at the red man, our taxi drive drove on the side walk at points and many other odd events. Soon we arrived at our hostel and were greatly surprised with its hotel feel. Paris it self wasnt that eventful with the first evening consisting of grabbing a bottle of wine and the 5 of us walking down the the canal, if thats what they call it, and listening to this amazing singer/ guitarist that had built up quiet the audience( he has a facebook page) play. The situation it self was out of a movie for how pretty it was besides the odd drug dealer passing by offering drugs to any one he/she saw, including small infants... The next day we arrived at Notre Dame and then traveled over to the Louvre and then ended up under the Eiffle tower for a dinner picnic. We were amused watching every half hour the police officers on their bikes herding the venders like sheep out of the grass ( since they were not registered) it was honestly hilarious even though i do feel bad for them. They all would be walking around trying to sell their products and out of no were a mass stampede would begin! and it would be over with in a few short Minutes that resembled scenes from the 3 stooges. Around 9pm that evening we were off again for Nice France with the another journey on a sleeper train... that was shockingly smaller then the last... which we thought was impossible.

The next morning we all awoke to Nice France and boy was it gorgeous
large_P6040001.jpg To be completely honest this stop was definitely not a touristy one for us but rather a beachy get away. Our hostel was honestly the best we have ever been to with a bath room a size of a bed room and all our beds being memory foam ( we almost checked to make sure it wasn't a 5 star hotel!) The city it self is set with in the mountains with a rocky beach and clear blue water. There is a center called the old town that we conveniently were located at that had adorable littlest stores and amazing crepes! P6040019.jpg( this is a picture of the Mini cooper show they had all weekend, thought of you Dad!) That day we ventured to the beach and had a long day of hanging out playing football ( which screamed Americans i am sure). The next after noon we attempted to visit the Cave beaches of Nice which was a bus ride away, but after a 20 minute walk to the bus station and a few buses passing us by not stopping because it was loaded we gave up and ventured back to our beach we previously went to the day before but we were able to capture some great views of the city!
P6040006.jpg the evening came and we grabbed a bite to eatP6040023.jpg and with a nice surprise thunderstorm that was the end of our Nice Visit.

As i had said French will be french because of the stories we heard from our fellow classmates coming to Barcelona. In paris one guy was held at gun- point. another girl got mugged. and a few others got their stuff stolen.

Sunday evening we arrived in Barcelona after a 14 hour traveling day! At the train station i was left by my fellow travelers to find my host family and all i had was an address... i grabbed the first taxi i saw and with a 10 minute drive and a 5 euro extra fee for my bag, i had arrived at a plaza area. After 15 minutes i discovered my taxi driver in fact had not dropped me off at the right location and i had to hike luggage a few blocks down which was an enjoyable experience(not) since Barcelona is the mugging capital of the world and i screamed tourist... I finally got pointed to the correct apartment and i crossed the street to the door. When i reached the door a man was peering through the glass, assuming this was a fellow resident i smiled and continued to try and figure out which button i needed to press to contact my host mom that was somewhere in the massive complex. with in seconds the man opened the door and started to grumple something.. it could have been Spanish or jiborish for all i knew. I happily asked him which room i was in and after that i knew the man was literally insane. He began to hit me with his shoe that i had realized he had removed off his foot and then after me moving away from his aim and his walkable distance ( since this man had to be in his 70's and was some what crippled) i began to panic and try and contact IES to ask where i exactly lived so this nonsense could end. I was soon greeted by the man again that apparently gained enough energy to reach me and he began to try and take my suit case. Might i add it was not a viscious taking but rather he believed the bag was his. So i had the difficulty of not trying to be beaten by a shoe while recovering my bag which held my Blankey inside so naturally i would defend it to the end. After a few short minutes a few business men had noticed the comossion and came over to help me. Even though they spoke no english i picked up that the man was "crazy" and known for his shoe beatings. they pointed to my room and i was on my way up. As i walked in the door i was greeted by a giggly older woman that was very excited to see me, claudiana! My host mom is a very sweet lady probably in her 70's but with lot energy! After going to the TOP floor of the apartments and greeted by my host mate Abby, i was settled in. My host mom speaks no english so the next few weeks should be interesting!

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