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Sunday brunch

and i thought knowing 2 languages was a task.

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Waking up every morning in this house I am always wondering what my meal is going to be and what I am going to be able to handle! The previous evening I had attempted to tell Stefano that I have “ a little appetite” and I was crossing fingers he would pass that along to his mother. Well I got my hopes up to high because when I came down for breakfast I thought it was going to be a family breakfast, well it was false. 6 slices of toast, Nutella, cereal, fruit cup, chocolate croissant, and seasoned eggs were all for me and the mother looked so pleased with her self as well!! Apparently the previous evening when she had asked me what I like for breakfast, I understood it as “ what do you normally eat for breakfast” so I naturally listed a long list so that I would know that she had lots of options and wouldn’t struggle with hosting a vegetarian, which for her Romanian background and the husband being Italian, its almost a sin. WELL she thought that my list was what I enjoy eating in one meal. This time I could not force my self to finish this because I think I might have exploded or died of over eating… I finished the parts that I touched and then attempted to tell her I was full but it was very good, she was like a sad puppy but I couldn’t make myself to eat anything else.

My head honestly hurts from the afternoon’s lunch with the family and my mind is boggled. After a day of exploring the town again and getting gelata ice cream or “glass”, I ventured home for this after noon lunch that Maria had excitedly told me about following my fulfilling breakfast. The time was about 1:30 and I was honestly still stuffed from breakfast still and could have happily gone 6 more hours with out food. I entered the house and was overwhelmed with a pasta smell, hmmm 1:30 pasta? Interesting. I was hustled to the table and sat down. At the table was Silivo, Stefano( host brother) and a older woman, probably late 20’s, and she spoke English, and well!!! Hallajuah! From what I understood she was the daughter of Maria from a past husband and is married to a French man with a 2 year old son, that is by the way ADORABLE! I am starting to think that Maria just has 4 kids and not 4 sons since I have only seen one son, Pablo, for a few short minutes and then the other son Stefano at any meal time and have not seen any other child. This “sister” of mine was my savior, she translated my convos and allowed me to have a conversation and clear a few things up with my host family! While having these actual converstations that didn’t consist of hand gestures I was served a LARGE bowl of pasta… with sausage chunks. I tried to discretely pick around the sausage but it got to a point where it was covering the pasta and had to leave a bit at the bottom of the bowl. While I was digging the family served themselves with bowls that were piled and was almost overpouring, and with the few seconds I would look down they would scarf down a massive amount and with in minutes their huge bowls were gone. Maria noticed I was picking and hurried off to the kitchen and soon came back with an amazing salad, it had all different types of leaves and an amazing sauce she makes her self that I attempted to figure out how she made it ( for you mom) but failed…. I will continue though! During our dinner conversation the sister would be talking to her husband and then switch to her step dad, Silvio, and then her mother and brother. I somehow asked what the French word she just said to Silvio meant in English quickly she said this
“ oh no no silvio does not speak French, Silvio speaks Italian so when I talk to him I speak Italian. Maria also speaks Italian so Maria can chime in to our conversation. But when I talk to my husband we speak French and Maria and Stefano understand French. And if I want to only talk to my brother and Maria I would speak Romanian because that is our base language and then I am talking to you in English”
SO at one dinner table this woman was changing her dialect with each person and did it so FLUENTELY it was amazing! She also understands Spanish fine but can not speak it, and can understand and speak German. I am truly jealous of her! Oh and she also says I have a “UK” accent! Weird…. Nate has explained that he thinks that everyone thinks I have a UK accent because I pronounce every word much better then anyone else. So I guess that’s it because obviously I do not have an accent….

Later on in the after noon after my overwhelming lunch I met up with the group to go to a small league soccer game, Luxembourg vs. Differdange. It was located in a old stone stadium with a maximum of 200 in the stands, but the atmosphere was just what the group of us needed ; energetic and young. Obviously looking out of place with our north faces and Sperrys we decided to not go to the center of the stands and instead positioned our selves to the side but still with a great view. Nate instantly was in aw at how good the soccer players were at this level compared to any one in America, he is quiet enjoying the differences and also having struggles but I will get in to that later! After a few short minutes of paying attention to the game, owners started bringing in their dogs; pug puppies, hound, an adorable husky puppy that literally just held on to his owner and didn’t bark or budge through out the game! Naturally that was my new entertainment. soccer.jpg

So the trip here is starting to move at a more natural pace and the group of us are really bonding, wondering the town together the rest of the day and in to the evening. Classes start today and the teacher is a great guy, Tom Boulton, so it will be an enjoyable week!

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